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Recent Twitch.TV issues with some streams.

I have been noticing an issue recording Twitch streams. Since I have never managed to get Media Recorder to properly use my Twitch credentials, I've been having recordings that start with 15 seconds of "Commercial Break In Progress" screen, after which the recording crashes VLC. I can manually skip the transition and the recording keeps playing but with weird audio playback that had the correct pitch, but skips every couple of seconds.

Now, if I play this video in WMP, It doesn't crash after the Commercial section and the audio is continuous and correct, but weirdly pitched downwards. 

I suspect that if I could present my credentials correctly it wouldn't give me the initial commercial break section and the rest of the recording would be fine. Can't prove that though.

I have clips I can share but the smallest one is 33MB which is too big to attach so here's a OneDrive link to it instead https://1drv.ms/v/s!Amc8giVoxLuKn1eI4-NysPNLdB4Q?e=nf2jg4

I realized that the original clip sounds fine if you aren't used to the streamer's voice, so I'm including one with music you can reference to hear what the pitch is supposed to be. This one is 3 GB though so be warned. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Amc8giVoxLuKn1i5mRJhEzq9SyFh?e=MaWFix

Dont get that here on the streams I monitor but you could try switching to MVK.  

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS > Change HLS Mux to MKV.

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No good. All that seemed to do was make it so my streams never muxed successfully and they still have the same issues. I'm changing that back and still need a solution for this.

I have the same issue since sometime in 2020. not on all streams on twitch but many i follow.

the audio (be it music or voice) is slowed down compared to the video. and despite being slower every couple of seconds in regular intervalls there is silence for a some milli seconds.

it makes those files useless. the same happened using some freeware tools except for one that worked. i want to be able to use jaksta though.

I have tried

mp4, mkv

switching to ffmpeg

incl the mpeg file option

all the same results.

this is a 24/7 stream though most of the day trading charts with EDM music, but you will figure this high bpm music plays too slow, has audio gaps. every day there is also some live voice session but you figure this alone from the music. just as an easy example to check this out


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another thing, for some streams this happened when a streamer upgraded from 720p to 1080p streaming while using same PC / hardware. just a faster internet line to be able to do this.

resulted in unusuable streams. since sometime around january this year for this guy.

the other stream above though is having those issues since 2020

example clip from 2020 january 31st


Looking into this.

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I can assist with anything you need to track this down. Something I noticed while trying to salvage these files. If you increate the pitch by x1.09 it sounds correct, which happens to be almost exactly the difference between 44100HZ and 48000HZ, so I suspect there is some sort of misunderstanding happening during the recording.

it's odd though they it's just not the pitch being much slower than just 9% but even it's slower there are many gaps of just silience. so I cannot get a coherent sentence from the person talking.

and for music streams it's just completely useless.

likely also not lipsync. i have tried remuxing with mkvtoolnix or using the other built in features of jaskta which fileformat and grabbing tool to use jaksta's own vs ffmpeg. all failed. and whyever this failed for some streams when they changed their resolution but not their audio settings.

no such issue with streamlink. I wish jaksta could support his command line tool in settings.

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Try playing back in NOT VLC. Windows Media Player (Yes really) seems to work better for this very specific problem. You can hear all the audio (Just pitch shifted downward) 

Its caused by a feature of the HLS protocol called discontinuity which twitch use when streaming ads.  working on supporting it.

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Once you do get this fixed, I wonder if we could get a description of exactly what had been going wrong. I have many recordings that I created over these last several months because there were live streams with no vods I would have no other opportunity to record, so any information on what happened that could assist in finding a way to salvage these recordings would be appreciated. 

same would apply to me. I have terabtyes of ruined recordings since i never checked those until just recently. 

has this issue been fixed yet?

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Just wondering if this Discontinuity issue was still on the roadmap to get fixed.

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