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re activation of jaksta and wrong activation key!

dear sirs, i have contacted you at 15/11/21 (a ticket form here) informing you about the fact that due to a formst at my pc i need to reinstall the Jaksta media recorder which i use from 2010 and i have lost  the activation key. You replied me at 19/11. Oliver J sent me an activation Key but unfortunately this is for the mac version and i use the windows version. Can you please send me the activation key for the windows version? 

i sent you again the info about my purchasew from 2010 that  i had mention at theprevious tickets i sent you 


and at 2020 i have contacted you again and you helped me upgrade my jaksta version after a pc format again but i cannot find any details. From our emails back in 2020 i see that you advised me to open a ticket, i did oit, you helped me upgrade and gave me a new serial number but when i go to the support site i cannot find those tickets, you will find them for sure!

please help me solving this issue. i have sent various email as replies to the activation key i received but with no answer... thats why i open a new ticket

thnaking you in advance


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Please submit license requests to https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new.

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