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Instagram and Twitter videos

Instagram and Twitter must have made some changes because Jaksta Media Recorder is no longer able to download them.

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Please provide debug logs as both twitter and Instagram can be captured here ok.


 Thanks for your reply.

My Jaksta Media Recorder is able to download the instagram example video that you showed in auto mode in google chrome.
This video is displayed on instagram in a video player that you can pause, rewind and fast forward and adjust the volume, I can download all videos of this kind from instagram.

There are other kinds of videos on instagram that aren't displayed in this video player format and my Jaksta Media Recorder in auto mode in google chrome saves them in several small parts that are unplayable.
For instance videos like these:
and https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJOhNpUKoHc/
and https://www.instagram.com/tv/B98GwSlFxNS/
My Jaksta Media Recorder was able to save those kinds of instagram videos ok in the past.
Are you able to save them ok?

When you look at an instagram video that is displayed in this video player format in firefox you can go to tools and then page info and then media and you can find the video there and save it ok.
When you follow these same steps in firefox for an instagram video that isn't displayed in this video player format then just like with Jaksta Media Recorder it isn't possible to save the video.

I just found out why the twitter videos I was trying to save weren't working.
When Jaksta Media Recorder shows the multiple streams detected window I had all protocols on and was saving the video in HLS and that didn't work but when I save the video in HTTPS it works ok.

Download and playback here ok. Use the extraction method by entering the url directly.



I uninstalled Jaksta Media Recorder and then installed it again and now I can download the instagram videos ok with the extraction method.

Thanks again.

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