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2022 Beta - Sorting Monitor display by Monitor column

The JMR 2022 monitor column starts with "Every," which means that when sorting the display by the Monitor column the active entries get sorted behind "Disabled."  I have a large number of Disabled monitors (which I enable on an as-needed basis).  This means that I have to work through a large gap before I can start seeing active monitors.  This is a royal pain!

I would much prefer the old display back, with the number being the first character, so that active monitors are sorted at the top of the display.

ASSUMPTION:  If the reason this is now displayed this way is because of schedule-based monitors (which I don't use), then perhaps use "NNNN sec interval" so that there is no confusion that these are "Every" NNNN seconds monitors that can be differentiated from scheduled monitors?

Option:  There could be a flag in the display to "Show disabled monitors," so that unchecking it would hide disabled monitors and only show active ones.  Then, the new "Every" display can be used as is implemented now.

Have removed the scheduled from that column.  Will be in the next release.

Confirming that "Every" is removed and works well in the latest build.  I can see active monitors at the top of the display as before.  Thanks!

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