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2022 Beta - Import / Export buttons ...

Foremost, it's GREAT to see the new way of managing monitors!!!  The flat-file approach was pretty bad, and I am encouraged by this new approach.  THANK YOU!!!

The buttons ... oh boy ...  Changing the order is confusing enough, and the icons add another layer of confusion!

Yes, you could look at it from many perspectives, but we usually want to take the perspective of the software - the agent performing the action.  So, in this case, putting something INTO THE SOFTWARE is the import, and taking something OUT OF THE SOFTWARE is the export.  With that in mind, the icon with the down arrow is putting something INTO THE SOFTWARE and is the IMPORT.  The icon with the up arrow is taking something OUT OF THE SOFTWARE and is the EXPORT.

I assume you're thinking it that you're putting into storage media and taking out of storage media, but that's not Jaksta's context.  Jaksta's context is Jaksta;  period.  From that context, taking something out is export, and putting something in is import.

So, my first feedback / request is to reverse the icons to mean IMPORT (down arrow) and EXPORT (up arrow).  BTW, these icons ARE better than the old ones ...

My second feedback is to switch the buttons to their original position.  The more common action is export, and having it be close to the edge of the UI makes it more accessible.  Traveling into the UI is more effort, which makes sense to use for the import since that's a less common action.  It's subtle, but it does make more sense the way it was before.

Thanks for considering this feedback.  These buttons have always been confusing, so this is a good opportunity to clarify.  I do have UI design experience, so my feedback isn't purely opinion - it's based on common practices.

Done.  Will be in next beta release.

Confirming that the buttons are updated.  Visually, the icons now make more sense.  Thank you!

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