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2022 Beta - Limiting the number of concurrent ffmpeg.exe processes

Is there a way to limit the number of concurrent ffmpeg.exe processes?  Based on the JMR UI and the process command line, it appears the majority (if not all) are in muxing.  I never saw this behavior before in JMR 7, so I wonder if there is a setting that needs to be adjusted.  Thanks!

Muxing is the process of combining audio/video streams into a container such as mp4.   Depending on the protocol this will always happen.  Hasn't changed between 7 and 2022.

There are various things you can do:

1. limit the number of concurrent downloads in the settings.

2.  For HLS protocol streams.  

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS

If using the HLSD downloader you can configure the mux to Raw and convert later. This will stop the mux when the download is complete.

If using ffmpeg as the downloader, then the mux happens as the download happens.

3.  Switch of MP4 fast start muxing

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Mux

The tool tip explains what this is, but switching it off will make the mux faster.

4.  If the streams are ones found by the monitor function or a scheduled recording, then setup the monitor or schedule to split at set intervals.  This will result in smaller downloads and thus make muxing faster.

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