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Question: Does JMR delete on its own? [100+ GB freed up space]

I'm curious, i think it cant? But what happened the last two days is that my drive D freed up 100+ GB (all Apps and Windows Stuff is on C, ONLY JMR-App is on D and also all of my Personal Data + downloaded Videos).

When i last checked storage it said 30 GB free space on D; JMR Monitor was Running and when i came back after a long day it said 110 GB is free; i dont have tools instructed to free up space AFAIK and since recycle bin is empty i dont event know what is missing? Or is this some false numbers presented by Windows File Explorer? I had no time to transfer some data to external disk so i let this repeat and wanted to know what would happen: The same thing – File Explorer said something like 50 GB Free space when i left the PC and maybe 10 hours later i came back it said 120 GB free space.

Is this JMR or you have an idea what happens? I do have CCleaner on my device but it is not running and i did never set up a plan, also it probably is not windows stuff because that is all on C

D is only JMR, Videos and all my personal Data

All running Processes in Task Manager (these i installed) only are Nvidia related, JMR, Microsoft PowerToys, the rest seems to be background system process


Thanks for any help in advance


P.S.: In case JMR would be deleting i had no idea how to figure out, but the last downloaded videos all seem to work, i only hope nothing random gets deleted and i some day find out when i realize something important is lost.

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Depending on the protocol being captured,  temporary files can be created until the download is complete and they are muxed together.  Once that is done the temporary files will be deleted.

The temp folder used will be what ever the TMP or TEMP environment variable is set to on your machine.

Besides those temp files JMR wont delete anything else unless you tell it to.

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