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Peacock Will Not DVR

When trying to DVR on Peacock, I get the following error message: 

"Something went wrong. Sorry, your system configuration is not compatible with Peacock. Please check the supported devices in our Help Center (6007)."


The beta is working with DVRing Peacock, however it's only recording at a resolution of 940x550 when I use the "request best output size", and when I force it to record in 1080p, the file is pixelated and low quality.

That's the nature of DVR unfortunately. 

1. Can request the site play at a certain resolution, but there is no guarantee it will.  

2. Capturing resolutions over 1/4 of your screen size can put intensive pressure on your machine's resources.  

3. Many sites use adaptive streaming as well which means that the quality may go up and down over time, depending on your internet connection.

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