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macOS Monterrey 12.1 and Jaksta 3.0.0 (316) Not Working

Jaksta is not working either with Safari or Firefox on my MacBook Pro.

I read about other people's similar problems, and I thought I had deleted my original version of Jaksta to download the beta which has been recommended. Still did not work on auto record or by adding address to bar and choosing "GET". This seems to be a common problem and you are working on it. Do you need screen shots from me or anything else?

If I have deleted my original version, is there a link to get it back?

Can I have both my original version and the beta version on my computer, or only one of them.



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Same issue here. Jaksta has not worked since the security update to MacOS 12.1.  The first time I went to open Jaksta since the update, I got a message stating the application developer would have to fix the issue, as it was no longer compatible (or something like that). I'm using the latest MacBook Pro with M1Pro chip (not intel) and was using the 316 beta, flawlessly until this update. also happy to help if any logs would be useful.

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Hey can someone in tech support please help?

Hey is anybody going to provide support?

Hi guys,

Apologies for my very delayed response. This thread slipped by me.

To be blunt, Jaksta is currently experiencing some issues that we are still trying to resolve. It still works for most people and most systems, but there has definitely been an increase in Monterey and M1 related problems. We are still investigating these and trying to develop an update that will resolve the issues.

The notification you might see about incompatibility is mostly a warning for the future, and should not be taken to mean it is the cause of any current issues. We are looking to address this point as well.

Patrick - you can only have one Jaksta build for a user, but I would think that you should be able to create a new user on your Mac and have different builds installed. Do you know what version your previous build that was working is? I can probably track down an installer for you.



Jaksta Support

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