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Quitting Jaksta Breaks Chrome... kinda

ON a MacBook 13" M1, running 12.1

When I quit Jaksta, Chrome thinks it's no longer connected to the Internet, but it's limited to only that Google account. If I switch to a different Google account or go incognito mode, the browser works fine. I have to quit Chrome completely and relaunch it to restore its connectivity. Which is a pain if I'm working in another browser window and haven't saved my work. Relaunching Jaksta will restore connectivity.

With Jaksta launched I see the proxy settings being set correctly. I stop monitoring and I see the proxy settings go away. I still have Internet connectivity in Chrome with monitoring off. It's only when Jaksta is quit out entirely that I lose connectivity in Chrome for that Google account.

I haven't tested it to see if it is active Google accounts or the active Chrome window. Or if it is a conflict with an extension. 

Hi Gregory,

Can you please try viewing your proxy settings (System Preferences > Network > Advanced > proxies)  and then run Jaksta, which should then result in the Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) proxies being turned ON.

Then quit Jaksta and note whether the proxies turn OFF or if stay ON. They should become unticked automatically, but if they stay ON then there is a chance that is what's breaking Chrome (and likely your other browsers). Based on what you're describing this is not likely the case, but it's good to check and be sure.

In the Chrome settings there is only an option to use the computers proxy settings, and you cannot configure specific proxy settings in and for Chrome. This is to say that Chrome should be doing whatever the computer is doing.

It would be very odd if it is only affecting one Google account, or even if it is just the active Chrome window. It might be that there is some disconnect, lag or settings caching between Chrome and the system settings that is creating a conflict. This would be a new scenario that we have not encountered before, so it might be hard to troubleshoot.

Please let me know how you go.



Jaksta Support

Hi again Gregory,

I've just done some of my own checks and experienced similar issues with Chrome.

Don't worry about doing those tests I outlined previously. Just use Firefox for now if you can. We will have to look into developing a fix for this issue i the coming weeks and will hopefully have a new beta or release out before the end of the month.



Jaksta Support

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