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Beta 2022 - Memory allocation error while exporting monitors list

Context:  The prior beta release had UI-visible performance issues.  Since I installed the latest beta release I noticed a significant increase in UI-visible performance issues - very laggy response.  For example, while scrolling through my list of monitors the display freezes often, have to wait a few seconds before I can continue scrolling.  Mid-using the UI I get the hourglass.  Things like that.  The tell-tale sign is the black frame that appears around the UI;  while it's there the UI is unresponsive even if the "(Not Responding)" doesn't display at the top.

Issue:  In addition that that possibly-related context, I just got a memory error while trying to export the monitors list (which I do very regularly) - first time that I see this.  My system has 64GB of RAM. I tried triggering a VM trim on the running process - no effect.  Then I did the VMmap and RamMap captures.

I then stopped, restarted JMR, and I was then able to export the monitors list w/o any issue.  After restarting, JMR 2022 is running normally and is using between 100 MB and 500 MB of RAM, usually staying under 300 MB.

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Updated ZIP with images showing normal operation - for comparison.  Memory utilization remains stable, under 500 MB, usually under 300 MB or 200 MB.

And, the UI unresponsive image is an example of what I was mentioning, that the UI goes unresponsive even though the "(Not Responding)" is not displayed.  In this case all I did was mouseover the UI ... immediately, the UI displayed the black frame around it for several seconds, locked all UI-visible activity, then resumed operation.

I took all screenshots within the same minutes.  So, yes, the unresponsive UI happens all the time, even while everything else appears normal.

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