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Monitored videos missing fragments


it's maybe 10-20% of all videos for me that every 5 seconds there is a missing piece (video stops (and skips) full second and then plays on with a 1 second jump)

When a normal video from this monitor has like 1.050.000 KB such a video will have around 980.000 KB.

The problem is, that it's unwatchable. Sometimes every video from a stream is downloaded in this broken manner.

Do you have some insights why this keeps happening and what maybe could prevent this or also if it could be possible that the downloaded monitor video could be converted to reflect the real stream without breaks?

Please provide examples and debug logs.

Does it help you when i just say what monitor in the logs has problematic/broken downloads? because i would let it run probably more than a day, thats a mistake that only sometimes occurs and seems to apply to a full session of one monitor (kind of random) while others are ok.

Do you need a video as example or what? How could i (legally?) provide? (Since most i download are within my country law of private copy but im not sure about personal share, maybe my knowledge to limited. Thanks

Hello, i finally got some hopefully good debug where im sure some download mistakes happened.

All videos downloaded from [Monitorname is] ‘(02) AleDoll‘ have this problem that is stops every few seconds for like 1 second.

(02) akura_01 has 2 different problems: first the videos are nearly completely broken (JMR downloaded 10 today some before the debug logs, the first half works perfectly fine and from the same online-stream-session the second half is completely corrupted) and the other problem is a rare .mpg occurrence: This means it does not capture .mp4 but in .mpg and whenever this happens (happens way more often on MyFreeCams than on Chaturbate) it will never stop muxing and at the same time the CPU will be 100% (to be clear: a 20 second stream would mux over 3 hours without end in sight) – dont know what this happens also when a video is normally 1,3 GB the .mpg download will be around 4 GB and .mpg is always broken when downloaded by JMR7. (02) akura_01 Monitor worked fine for most part and all of sudden (the same monitor still running) multiple mistakes got produced.

(02) ShantallKnowless has the biggest file sizes but captured at the same time without problems for example and comparison.

The normal for all 3 monitors is a capture without problems so i dont know what happens here and why e.g. (02) AleDoll videos are all broken. (the streams are still live when i write this and visited them all and they stream on Chaturbate is not broken or lagging.


Problem still occurs on a regular basis. Anything useful to see in these logs? I still kept the videos maybe can send you a few seconds samples if needed? Basically circa every 10 seconds these broken videos stop for 1-4 sec (freeze) but audio is uninterrupted background playing.

Your logs show the following every so often.  I guess that is where the missing fragments are from.

401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url: https://ew1-5.nginxborder-server.naiadsystems.com/p/8313/hls/live/eb5b4c99-4f80-4b98-9e4a-0abe5e816756_2300_1280x720_128/index.m3u8?rsrc=rhyhorn%3A8403&btk=k%2Bgffj1oVPI%2FxSZkQtT3dqS6MFf3XMywsbt5fkqq%2BQc&abr=ew1

Could be because you are trying to capture to much from them and they are throttling you.

You could also try ffmpeg as the HLS downloader. Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS

Ok i will try this. Is there a way to check if there is a throttle on me?

maybe i was dumb but im sure now that the missing fragments also have no audio so the full video is freezing.

i tried and created a very good debug but with sending to desktop it said that “appears to not be in debug mode”. i HOPE the logs contain something good to see because the CB user kittycaitlin is online now in stream and works fine there (on the site). first 2 hours of stream download were fine on my end, then every other (last 3 hours) file was at 800mb (30 min) instead of normally 1,3 gb and tons of missing fragments (dont have a great term to describe it you can tell...). This is the only monitor downloading right now (others only checking 

– btw i already reduced to 300 monitors total and less than 100 running i think; also doubled check interval from most – in comparison to six months ago where there was like 1000 monitors, 200 running and half of check interval times (nearly no problems back then speaking of a possible throttle or so).

So i tested and got interesting results (this problem really bothers me sorry for all the text):


gathered 9 videos (in this order after i set debug to on (maybe first mux from debug is from the already running stream) from this stream while in debug (every like 1 minute) and got this (analyzing the HLS-Methods options):


vid 1: Downloader is HLSD --- mux mp4 (my default and like last 200 min) --- broken video

vid 2: Downloader is HLSD --- let raw --- broken

vid 3: Downloader is HLSD --- let raw again --- broken

vid 4: Downloader is ffmpeg --- as mpg --- broken

vid 5: Downloader is ffmpeg --- capture .ts --- VIDEO FINE

vid 6: Downloader is ffmpeg --- capture .ts again --- VIDEO FINE

vid 7: Downloader is HLSD --- mux mp4 again --- broken

vid 8: Downloader is ffmpeg --- capture .ts again --- VIDEO FINE

vid 9: Downloader is ffmpeg --- capture .ts again --- VIDEO FINE


So conclude: .ts works in this one case everything else failed hard. I still dont know enough about media and dont know .ts format well. seems to work in vlc good think thats most important – But when i scroll through video in vlc it kind of laggs (mp4 does not).

but if .ts works then this speaks for another problem and not throttling?

Also can .ts be a good replace for mp4 or could an mux/convert to mp4 be possible (conversion settings? never used these...) – or does it take like the double amount of time: Download then bring into .ts and then convert to .mp4?

Any advice or even better something helpful with this new information / debug logs?

Thanks in advance!

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