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Jaksta 3.0

Hello guys,

same problem here. Where I can download the 3.0 version?

thank you.

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HI David,

We have a new beta available, but so far it does not resolve the broken connection issues in Safari. It should however help minimise issues when running Jaksta with Chrome and Firefox.

You can download the beta here: https://download.shedworx.com/jaksta/beta/3.0.0_316/JakstaMediaRecorder.pkg

When you first attempt to run the installer you will receive a Mac OS notification saying that it can't be opened because it cannot be checked for malicious software. Click 'OK' and then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and click on 'Open Anyway' down the bottom. It will either run the installer or another similar notification as the first will appear and you just need to click 'Open' and then the installer will run.

Please let me know how you go.



Jaksta Support

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