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JMR - Schedule (also JMR 2022 Beta)


can you explain how the Schedule works? I only used monitors and now with JMR 2022 the Monitors got the Schedule Extension - what is the difference in usage between schedule and monitor (especially in 2022 where the Monitors can run within give time)?

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A schedule will kick of a download/recording at the schedule date/time and on the configured days of the week.  

Scheduler Use case:  You want to record a news stream which you know is published each Monday and Friday at 8am EST.

A Monitor will check if the configured live stream is available at the set check interval and if configured only between the scheduled times on the configured days of the week, and keep checking between those times until it is available and then download/record it.

Monitor Use case:  You know a live stream only goes live sometime between 6pm and 3am Fridays.  Instead of monitoring every minute, configure the schedule tab to only check on Fri and Sat between 6pm and 3am. 

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