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2022 v1.0

Hi it seems the upgrade is not working as it should?

after upgrading 2022 and starting it tells me again update needed and says that i have 2022.0.17.0 instead of 2022.1.0.0

i already restarted after upgrading

jmr 7 and jmr 2022 both give me the prompt to upgrade to 1.0 every open

Best greetings, maybe just my end?

Sorry there was a config issue on release,  Try download and install again from https://jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-media-recorder.

I have also installed the latest version, and I have to report that the 320kbps audio streams from BBC sounds and the iplayer are still not accessible. Only mp4 streams are listed in much lower quality. This problem arose after the December 2021 engine extraction update. I have gone back to the old version and will keep updates switched off.

What  extraction engine version are you using @charlie?  Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Extractor.  Version is the date at the top of that tab.  2022.02.04 is the latest.

I can get 340kbs and 320kbs streams here

Please provide a link to the page hosting the stream where you are not getting lower streams in the latest extraction engine compared to the older one.

Cannot spot a date at the top of the extractor tab, but from Appdata folder it shows 2022.02.04. The only streams available on the iplayer are MP4 at 135kbps. (I do not use BBC Sounds app). In the previous JMR7 version I am using the extractor from last July having pasted the two dl.* files over to solve the issue for me.
Screenshot of iplayer streams as requested.

@charlie -  thanks.  Im seeing the same as your screenshot for that particular stream.  Could you please let me know the date of the extractor engine you are using for version 7 that results in higher kbs streams being detected?  From what I can see there was no extractor update in July.  There was one on the 2nd August.  Is that the one?

btw you can do exactly the same thing you have done for 7 with 2022 to use the older engine if you wish to.  

The extractor engine is now downloaded and installed in C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Jaksta Media Recorder 2022\dl


The engine date is shown as 2021.10.04 and the dl.* files are dated April 2021.

Hey thanks this link worked for 2022 but somehow when starting JMR7 it still says the prompt to update the 2022 app.

JMR7 is saying to upgrade to JMR 2022.  It doesnt know if it is installed or not.  If you dont want it to check anymore then turn off the auto update checks.

Thanks got it. But will there be no more updates for JMR 7? Meaning it could become useless over time if streaming changes? I really like for now to use Monitor on one and AUTO on the other :)

There will not be any more updates to JMR7.  The new version is 2022.  It's a free upgrade as always for existing license holders.

Just came from Jaksta Media Recorder 7 - told me i have to update.
I did - but nothig worked anymore.


That is correct. DVR is only supported on Windows 10 and above.  

All other recording methods are supported on Vista and above.

Jaksta Media Recorder 7 and 2022 can exist on the same computer.

so, your requirements list is false


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