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Error saying that there is no internet connection.

I keep getting an error on startup, "No Internet connection.  Check your firewall..." The recording features appear to be intact.  (I have included a screen shot)

I also noticed that the Jakasta 7 does not uninstall after upgrading to Jakasta 2022.My PC has both Jakasta 7 and 2022.  Can I remove the Jakasta 7 without damaging the 2022 version?

Thank you

Been doing some work on jaksta.com servers.  Have finished now and that popup from the new version check should not be appearing now.

7 and 2022 can exist side by side.  If you uninstall one you will need to reinstall the other again as they do share some global components.

Thank you for getting back to me.  I thought this might be the case.  Thank you for confirming with me.

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