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Youtube, how to download segments into their own files?

I want to download this OST, but since it's ONE big video on youtube, I need Jaksta to download them into their own segments (with the names of the segments, please), but how would I do that? Of course my download it set to audio-only. I tried to download, but it's only downloading it into ONE file. And that's a no go.

If someone could help me to get this downloaded into segments, I will be thrilled:


JMR doesnt support splitting of on-demand streams only live streams.  You will need to download the whole stream and then split after using the Windows 10/11 Photo app or a third-party product such as Replay Media Splitter

Please make that a feature then! Segmentation is decently new on YouTube, not everyone uses it. But it's s nice feature, so more and more is using it to segment sections for better viewing and navigation. And it would help Jaksta as well, to make the needed files.

Splitting up and naming is too much unnecessarily work, when everything is there made into sections and named already.

Thanks for answers tho, I guess it's not an easy way just now..

To record this file you could switch Jaksta to the Audio Recorder Function. This will record the file in real time but gives the options of splitting the file as silence is detected between tracks and creating a different file for each track. Or alternatively if you listen as you record you can split the file at any point you wish to create the tracks. Look at the JMR guide online for help with the settings and how they impact on the recording. It is very straightforward to set up. I use the 'what you hear' setting (but be sure to mute any system sounds). Record in a lossless format if you can and then use JMR to convert the files to your format of choice. Flac can be recorded at 48K/24bit. But be warned Wav files are difficult to tag without specific tagging software. I only use JMR for audio, and the results using this method are as good as the original source file.
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