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Jaksta 2022 not capturing any video at all

I was using Jaksta with no issues until it stopped working. I thought I could be using an outdated version - and I was - so I downloaded JMR 2022, uninstalled all Jaksta softwares + Winpcap + Network Monitor and reinstalled everything again. It still doesn't work. I can't download videos from any website at all.

I use Norton antivirus + firewall but it never gave me any problem with Jaksta. Also, I've tried disabling Norton and Jaksta still didn't work.

I'd like to get some help solving it.




Your logs show you monitoring youtube in AUTO mode.

However you have started monitoring after you have gone to the youtube.com/watch?v=XXX page.

Either do a hard refresh of your browser on the youtube.com/watch?v=XXX once you have started monitoring or ensure monitoring is on before going to a youtube.com/watch?v=XXX page. If you have gone to the same page previously it may be cached by the browser and displayed without a network request, so again do a hard refresh to get it to load.

You can also just enter the youtube.com/watch?v=XXX url directly without having to use AUTO mode.

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I've repeated the process. Tried opening several videos on youtube and none got captured. Tried copying link and it work, but I really need autocapture feature. 

Can you kindly check new logs to see if you can notice what is going on?


Your log shows the extraction and download of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Nol2Sinr8,  not an AUTO detect.

However it looks like you have something called CyberGhost set as your proxy server.  The https proxy is set to DefaultLAN in the settings > internet downloads.   JMR may or may not be compatible with it, but you can try selecting it in the settings if it shows up.  If it works all good.  Otherwise you will need to use your DefaultLAN and not this proxy.

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Everything worked perfectly after disabling VPN. Thanks!

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