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Cannot capture a Vimeo video in Auto detection enabled

Another video that JMR will not capture:


I know JMR won't work with some Javascripted players.  According to https://www.jaksta.com/best-apps/vimeo, Jaksta can capture from Vimeo.  When I attempt to capture that video, JMR gives a status of "Complete (Errors)".  

When I right-click on the errored capture, select Properties, and look under General tab, the Source field shows:


The URL originally visited was:


Instead of relying on auto mode to capture the video, I also tried entering the URL into the address bar in JMR.  That worked.  If I manually enter the URL for the web page with the video, JMR captures.  If I rely on Auto mode, JMR fails.  I immediately tried the URL in the web browser (after exiting the web browser, using CCleaner, and reload the web browser to make sure JMR would re-capture from the same web page), and the capture failed using Auto mode.  Capture worked when I entered the URL into JMR to manually start the capture.  

Seems a problem with Auto mode.  Under Settings -> Internet Downloads, "Start automatic detection on start" is enabled, because I want JMR ready when it loads to capture wherever I happen to visit in the web browser.

Attached are the debug files.


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Note: I am *not* using a VPN (unlike FelipeA that found his VPN was interferring with JMR).

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