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Problem with downloading videos from premium sites

Dear support team

I have purchased Jasksta Media Recorder and I registered the application with the serial key. However,  when I try to download video (by copying and pasting the URL), the download process is still limited to less than two minutes. It only downloads about 2 minutes of  the whole video.

Would you please state why this problem happens to me?


Thank you


You are capturing the 2 minute preview as you are not logged in.  Same as what you get if you watch that video in a browser without logging in.

Enter your username and password.  Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Extractor Logins, under Site Credentials, add fill out the url, username, and password and click the add button (plus sign).  The url is just the <sitename>.com.  No need for the https:// etc

Thank you so much. It works well. I appreciate your help.

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