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Unable to DVR / Log into Provider

Unable to DVR / Log into Provider

On Fri, 22 Apr at 11:13 PM , Rbh999 <rbh999@aol.com> wrote:

There was a problem verifying your account with your TV Provider.

Please try again.

Is there an update on this?

Please provide details of what site you are trying to login to with screenshots of the error.

There was a problem verifying your account with your TV Provider.

Is this when trying to login to your account inside the DVR Brower?  It is unclear where that screenshot is from.


This is also for Xfinity

What is going on with this issue?  If it cannot be fixed, then I'll just request a refund because the product does not work as advertised

Looks like there is an issue logging in.  Incorrect username and password or something like that?

If you would like me to try here please provide your credentials via email to support AT jaksta.com and reference this post.

Refunds can be requested via the Support > Customer Service on jaksta.com

There is nothing wrong with my credentials, as I can log in just fine with Chrome or any other browser.  Also, this error occurs with every link on that page!  If I click on any other provider, the same error occurs.

I have had a problem with this product for some time now.  Every time I try to download a stream and click on any provider, I get the following error: "There was a problem verifying your account with your TV Provider."    I have had a ticket with support, but there has been no resolution.  The only solution that has been provided is "you are entering the incorrect credentials" which is an insult.  I explained that this occurs for every provider link, and it doesn't even get me to the page to actually put in any credentials.  I would like a refund ASAP!  This product does not do as advertised.

I just asked the question if it was incorrect login details as that is what the error might point to.  Not that you were.  Sorry you took that as an insult.  

Did you try a full install as suggested?  Reason for suggesting that  is there might be something wrong with the vivaldi browser's profile.  A full uninstall/resintall would correct that.

Also asked for credentials so I could test here.  Reason for asking that is to see if the site has changed in some way and an update is required.

The ticket you have submitted to customer support for a refund was 8 hours ago.  You will get a response to that within 24 hours.

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