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SSL Scanning Certificate Error

After updating to 2022.2.6.0. i get a certificate error when I turn on AUTO with the HTTPS/SSL monitor is on,  I can no longer capture using the auto feature.

Any ideas what is happening?


Here  is the debug info.  Thanks for checking in to this.


Please reinstall as your registry entries for the SSL CA are missing.

If after reinstall you still have issues please provide the debug logs again as the install log file will be there for collection.

After reinstalling, i am still having the same issue.  Here  are the new debug logs.


HTTPS scanning is switched to off.  Turn it on via Settings > Internet Downloads > Monitor HTTPS/SSL

When the SSL monitor is on it turns itself off after the error popup.

ssl off.JPG
(274 KB)
(256 KB)

1. Turn Monitor HTTPS/SSL on

2. Close JRM

3. Uninstall/Reboot/Reinstall

4. Open JMR and switch debug on

5. Turn AUTO on.

6. If you still have the error, immediate collect logs and post here.

After following yoru instructions the error still occured.  Here are the logs from that error. 

Thank you. 


Pretty much every component of JMR is failing to install on your machine.  From installing the DVR components,  the CA required by the SSL scanner and even setting firewall settings.

What does your windows event log say?  Something pretty serious must be wrong with your machine.  You also havnt updated your machine since Nov 21.  There have been wto major windows 10 releases since then.  Perhaps installing the latest will fix what ever is wrong with your machine.

I generally keep up with windoes updates but lately I have been uninstalling/reinstalling windows updates then uninstalling/reinstalling  JMR over  the past several weeks in hopes that it would fix the problem.  That's likely the reason why the updates are behind.

The DVR feature has never worked in the 8 years and i have been using JMR. 

A clean reinstall of Windows 10 fixed the issue. JMR downloaded all its components and is working properly.  Thank you for you help.

Excellent!  Thanks for sticking with me as a customer.

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