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Move files after completion?


First of all, your program has been super helpful, so thank you for that!  My question is in in regards to file storage.  During the download and muxing process, it is very disk heavy for my HDD so I have been using an SSD as my download scratch disk for this process. However due to the SSD storage being significantly smaller than the HDD, I need to move files after they were completed. Is there a way to automatically move the videos after Jaksta is completed with the file or to create the file at the new location at the last step of the file completion (tagging I think).  Ideally the second option would be better as it would have one less write step on the SSD, reducing the wear on the drive, but I would take any improvements or suggestions.

Thank you very much for your time.

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There is no automated way to do that.  You would need to move the file manually.

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