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Using a VPN with Jaksta Media Recorder

Lately, I have noticed that some of my monitors fail to trigger when I am connected through SurfShark VPN using multiple locations around the world, but the same computer connects with no issues when the VPN is disconnected. I know that the issue is most likely SurfShark, so my question is which VPN, if any, would you recommend to work best with the application to minimize any issues? Thank you very much in advance.

I use NordVPN when I need one.

Thank you very much. I have switched over to using NordVPN at you suggestion, however there is one particular streamer that is visible when using the VPN that is not recording whenever they broadcast. Are there any specific settings that need to be changed in order for this stream to be recorded? Many thanks in advance.

here are the logs. The streamer in questiion is https://chaturbate.com/eeeveee/


You have your ,output folder set to a UNC path.  Map that as a drive and use the drive letter in the output folder.

I just made that change. I will keep debug mode on for the next few days and see if that makes a difference. If not, I will reattach additional logs. Thank you very much.

The broadcaster ended their broadcast about 3 hours ago and the application does not appear to have downloaded the stream after making this change. I have attached additional logs. 


You are monitoring lots of streams and several are being downloaded.  Which one was missed?

The streamer that was missed is https://chaturbate.com/eeeveee/. This is the only one that requires access to the VPN in order to watch.

What ever web page is being returned to you for that stream is not a normal chaturbate page for either a room off line or the page hosting the stream when live.

Tested it out here an it works fine, displaying the correct "Room off line" error.   

Why do you need a VPN to access this stream only?  

What do you get when you are using the VPN and go to that stream in your browser?

What do you get if you do just a normal extraction (not using the monitor)?  

That broadcaster has blocked the part of the country that I am in so a VPN is necessary to view the stream. I am able to turn on the VPN and view their stream normally on chaturbate without any issues in the browser, and if I attempt to do a normal extraction, I receive a red X and it shows complete (errors).

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