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JMR-2022 Cannot resize columns

Following a seize-up in JMR-7 last night, I have just "bit the bullet" and changed over to 2022.  Very laborious as I don't have Excel and wouldn't know how to use it anyway.

An outstanding problem is the GUI - I cannot reduce the space between the Name and the other columns (snap attached).  I do have it set to auto-resize columns.

Occasionally I would like to display JMR alongside another window, but it's not possible to reduce the overall size of JMR, it never takes up less than 95% of the screen.


You dont need Excel to use JMR 2022.  You can export monitors and schedules from 7 to 2022 without it.   Excel exports/imports are useful when you want to manage larger lists of monitors or schedules outside of JMR.

To change the column size select the | between columns and drag left or right to the size you want.



To change the window size click and hold the bottom right-hand corner and drag to the size you want.


The min window size is very small - just showing the toolbar at the top basically

Both of those adjustments are very easy in JMR-7 but impossible in JMR-2022.

After much struggling, I switched Auto Resize Columns off and back on again and it's improved.  However, re-checking Settings - Auto Resize has been switched off again.  Does it automatically switch off if one manually adjusts the columns?

I would like the columns to be "justified left", with each column a suitable size for the info it contains.  All spare space should be on the right.

As for resizing the whole interface, it can easily be made less deep but not less wide, the diagonal adjustment doesn't function at all and the width adjustment only reduces so that JMR doesn't quite take up the full width of the screen.

It's now more tolerable than it was, so I'll leave the topic for now - too busy to faff any longer.

I have been with you since JMR-4 (at least) and only come up against problems occasionally.

I get that you are frustrated  ... but

What you are saying is vey strange.

All columns are left justified as per screenshots above. 

The UI goes very small if you drag the corners of the app, like you would do with any app.

Plus you can also click the "Small Interface" button 

The setting auto resize columns goes off as soon as you adjust the columns how you want them.  

Perhaps there are issues with your computer where it is not doing what it is supposed to, if you cant  resize windows and use normal column resizing.

Provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063

Thank you, CRS, but I'm downloading 8 Osprey nest streams and a Goshawk, it's hatching time and I just can't interrupt them - Windows Update is bad enough

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