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Chaturbate streams not detected-extraction engine issue?

Hi folks-

The media recorder seems more finicky than ever. It will find streams then not. Then I reboot, it sees some streams again [at the moment ONE when I've switched other live ones on to test], until it doesn't. Then I reinstall and it will do the quality/type prompt, then not download the streams.

I've tried with and without the NPCAP and/or network monitor-install or legacy on the latter. Seems to have trouble 'seeing'. 

So it seems that there's either a detection issue, or my isp [doubtful], or another app in the middle [maybe?]

Or maybe it needs another extraction engine or version update.



AUTO mode is not required for extraction.  Just enter the url directly.


Just tested here with no issues extracting or downloading.

Please provide debug logs showing it not extracting or downloading as per


Hi-To be clear, I'm not using auto mode to download. I had an issue with autoload locking up the program when engaged. It seems when using the monitor mode, it will detect for a while until a stream drops, but when the stream reconnected and viewable in a browser, the program would not detect. Also, I could view active streams that were not decteced at all. I'm not sure your one-off detection solves this issue. Thoughts?  

That should be 'auto mode'. 


 Monitored overnight. No stream detection after a few hours, activating new streams that were actually live on the website led to no detection until program stopped, closed and a full reboot cycle. This was not ordinarily the case. I could run the program for days with no issue-literally.

I'm finding that anything using a cellphone doesn't work for me. My hubby across the room gets cam4/chaturbate streams from phones no problem. Weird.

Here's the log files.


Logs say you have a max resolution set as your preferred download quality.  But the only stream available is a higher resolution than that set, so nothing is downloaded.

Sorry-how does the program determine the 'max resolution'? I have it set to 'max quality'-which means the program sniffs for the highest quality available from the streamer-right? So if only 480p is offered, then that's what's pulled down. There was no problem in the first sever days after reinstall. 

So had to update my primary machine [win 10], and I stopped the program after 12 hours... prior to that ran for 4 days with the same settings. Downloaded streams fine during that time.
Now, it's not detecting anything. I didn't reinstall, but I switched the monitor on and off and restarted the program a few times.

Can this program be encountering issues with Win 10, updates, or the streaming platform changing methods to avoid downloads.

Secondary machine is working fine. First time on in 4 days, and after an update. 


Its probably the same problem i have on CB.

we talked earlier and the solution was that i have too many monitors and chaturbate is throttling me. so i highly reduced active monitors and increased time check interval

but sadly it's still the case (sometimes). i have download max of 1080p and nearly all CB streams apply to this fine. but they are not tracked and if you download the url it says "complete errors" could find nothing.

sure is this: a year ago nothing of this was a problem and its chaturbate related

@new aux - 

The logs analysed where provided by @Freshie and that is what they tell me was happening on their machine.  

As I have requested a few times now, you will need to provide debug logs for me to tell you what is happening on your machine.

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