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Chaturbate worse than ever

Hello i decided to show my debug log for this because today chaturbate nearly didnt catch a single thing after hours of break from monitoring and the highest time check intervals i ever had with the fewest active monitors and way less then a year ago.

3 streams are live now and they are not detected, the logs start with JMR 2022 start and i wait until they try to catch livestreams and all say nothing detected.

then i try the 3 that are online right now via url download and all errored.

I hope there can be a fix because its not looking so good right now...


Update: another 3 min break and new start of JMR 2022 and 2 of the 3 streams are detected monitoring but the 3rd is not, it seems random.

Update 2: It seems that closing JMR and waiting 1 minute and restarting it helps to catch (MOST !) current live streams via monitoring (but not all). 

maybe a solution could be to implement the option to stop monitoring every x minutes for y minutes

lets say give JMR the option so the user can set it up like after 18 minutes do 2 minutes break and dont search monitors at all except manual input or so.

its the best i can think of given the situation.

Chaturbate is returning "Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests".

They are throttling you.

Ok but is there something i can do? I mean as written before i increased times and decreased active monitors by a lot

is something like vpn or so possible or some option except just being throttled?

Also meanwhile i can access the site without problem, opening urls and navigation without any boundary (a few months before they wanted hCaptcha cloudfare and so on - but no more)

Also AUTO works fine on the url links, they dont throttle this?

and is it imaginable that they stop throttling specific users, i would be willing to pay them if thats my best option but i think there is no realistic way to establish this

All as I can say is that their servers are responding saying you are making too many requests, with the number of monitors and their frequency of checking.

How they work out how many requests are to many is up to them.

Monitoring is different than navigating their site in a browser.  As is AUTO mode, which picks up the stream you play in the browser.

You will need to play around and see what works best for you.  Whether that is VPN's, proxy servers, or multiple computers.

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