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Shows that will not download

Two shows I am trying to download from the cloud both error and tell me to try the dvr method.  When I try that they download but the video is blank and silent, consistently.

Site: tubitv.com

Shows: The Jeff Foxworthy Show & Birds of Prey

I am able to successfully download other shows/movies so it is specific shows/movies that will not download.

I will send you what you request as it is consistently repeatable.

Thank you.

The first try with the tubitv url failed.  The message said to use Auto.  I did and it made 2 mp4 files before I turned it off.  I tried playing the files with 4 different media players and all failed.  VLC was my 1st try ... black screen no audio but it does move on the timeline.  Movies/TV from Microsoft ... just nothing.  PotPlayer gave a slight color and pixelization at the top but no audio.  Finally, Media Player just gave an message that it could not play the file.

There are shows/movies from TubiTV that download fine.  But if they don't they all seem to follow this pattern.


tubitv streams using a variety of different protocols, sometimes encrypted, sometimes not.  

The stream you have recorded is encrypted.

DVR will need to be used for the encrypted streams as these can not be downloaded directly legally.

Please provide debug logs showing the DVR failing as per your original issue.

I did another capture and this time only DVR using AUTO ... same show.

I recorded for 10 minutes.

FilesProduced.png is a screenshot of my FileManager showing what was produced during the session.  The only files that were not black/silent were the 5 commercials.

JakstaHomeScreen.png is a screenshot of the app once done.

So, I think I'm hearing that if a show is encrypted then Jaksta Media Recorder will not be able to make a proper video file but if it is NOT encrypted then Jaksta Media Recorder has no issue.  If that correct?


AUTO capture mode is not DVR mode.

AUTO capture mode can capture the encrypted content but it wont be playable as it is encrypted. 

You need to use DVR mode for this particular stream

Follow this https://jaksta.com/how-to-guides/netflix.  This is example for netflix but works the same for this stream.

Thanks for the clarification.  

I set it for DVR and tried again.  The image 'HomePageDVR.png' shows all the things I tried to record.  

Agatha Christie won't download nor DVR

Freakazoid won't download nor DVR

Then I tried a show in Netflix I already have from StreamFab and got the same error

Then I tried Inspector Gadget back in TubiTV which I already downloaded with Jaksta Media Recorder but got the same error in DVR mode

The image 'ResultsOfAll.png' is the same error on all entries.

Please provide debug logs.   Without debug logs it is not possible for me to tell what is wrong with your computer.

Here are the logs from a DVR session ... 3 shows ... 1st and last won't download and failed here where the 2nd did download but still failed here.

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