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XLove/XLoveCam Support


    I tried to download streams from xlove.com / xlovecams.com using the AUTO and monitoring features, but it doesnt work.

     Logs are attached


It doesn't look like you are using AUTO detection correctly.   Looks like you are trying to use it with monitoring.

Monitoring does not use AUTO.

1. Stop Monitoring

2. Switch on AUTO detection

3. Open your browser and go to the page hosting the stream you want to detect and play it.

4. The stream will be detected and start downloading.

5. Once detected you can switch off AUTO detection


Apologies for the late response.

I tried the above method, but I receive this error:


Could you add this site to the extraction engine, so it can be used in monitoring?

can you provide debug logs please.  Thx

Here it is


OK, here it is

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