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Can't record SundanceNow

When I use the DVR to record SundanceNow, and I log in successfully, I navigate to the show and set the record length---that all works.

But the record (red) button doesn't do anything.  Perhaps a different browser than Vivaldi would work?

Or other ideas?

debug attached.  I'm going to do one more because it behaved differently


Could you please try this beta


Hopefully this will solve the button not working for you.  If it doesnt then please provide debug logs again for me.

Still does not seem to be recording.  Instead of extracting or other info, it just sits on connecting and the vivaldi window does not close like it does when actually recording.  Here's a log


Looks like your firewall is blocking JMR from connecting to the browser.

Ensure there are no block rules in your firewall for jcwdp.exe and jdvrp.exe.

OK, Thanks! I added jcwdp.exe to allowed apps through firewall.  jdvrp.exe was already allowed.  So now, it does record Sundance.  But here's another new issue.  I know I can only record one episode at a time through the dvr with Vivaldi.  When an episode completes and I try to relaunch Vivaldi to capture the next one, I get a status of "Complete (errors)".  If I exit the Jaksta and then relaunch it, then I can record the next episode.  But this problem is intermittent.

Please leave debug on and send me debug logs when you get the error.

Upon trying to DVR, Vivaldi starts to load, then disappears.  Was it a mistake to update Vivaldi when I was prompted by a Vivaldi pop-up?

Here's a log

You will need to do a full uninstall, reinstall to get the supported version of Vivaldi and associated configuration for it to work with JMR to DVR.

By default, it shouldn't be prompting for a new version.  That option should be switched off in the default profile we create.  I will check that at my end.

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