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Nobody is responding to my questions

I've sent multiple messages and nobody's responding. Are you still in business.

First time you have posted from what I can see.  What is your question?

I'm a pre -existing customer and just brought a new macbook pro along with a second acct by which I found out I don't need as I was informed that Jaksta can operate on two systems. I ve purchased the media player first then i purchased the bundle version after. I recently purchased a third time because my bundle version does not work on my 2017 Macbook pro. My browser shuts down when I try to open it , when I go to your site to download my new Jaksta account just purchased it doesn't allow me. I'm requesting a refund and would like Tech support for being able to enable my bundle version previously purchased a few years ago on my new Mac

You have posted to the windows forums.  Mac forums are here:  https://jaksta.com/support/mac/technical

Key lookup is here:  https://store.jaksta.com/store/lostkey.do

Please lodge a customer support ticket here for your refund request and to find your old keys if you cant find through the lookup:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new

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