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File explorer popup after every tag.

Every time the monitor functions ends a downloaded segment and tags with date the windows file explorer shows a popup with progress of

"Moving 1 item from [jmr output folder] to  [jmr output folder] "

x % complete

Items Remaining: 0 (Bits)

idk how to search for this because this popup is only there for 1 second (so noone is bothered) but i hope you maybe know a way how to not let this pop up or maybe where i can change the default position of this popup (always same place)

reason is: i do sometimes record my desktop and therefore random popups are problematic - is there a way to deal wit this? Thanks in advance

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That is the standard windows move dialog that is displayed when files are being moved.  JMR is not displaying it.  You would need to do some googling to see if it can be disabled in windows.

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