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UL Not Supported Connection/Download Issues

I am having quite alot of issues recently with files added in stream downloader and then having to try mutiple times sometimes even up to 7 or 8 times for the stream to start recording. really dont know why sometimes it might take 1 or 2 attempts or sometimes much more, the stream is live so it should start and connect without issues, so it shouldnt take so many attempts and its very time consuming trying to download like this and frustrating also. i recently moved to a new location, actually have 1GBps connection, whereas before i had 150mbps, but this 1Gbps seems to be having some issues. I dont really recall having such issues with this particular activity before with my previous connection, albeit slower connection, not to this extent anyhow. Could this be the internet issue and what exactly might the issue be. eg latency or something. Or can it be adjusted without the settings perhaps? Would love to have some more info or ideas how to fix this as currently its really time consuming to have to attempt repeatedly.

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Please provide debug logs showing the retry attempts, so I can see the actual response the site is giving you.


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