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Vivladi and Google Youtube login

I need to download a movie I purchased on YouTube, thus I need to log in to YouTube to access the purchased video.

When I paste a YouTube URL into the Jaksta DVR and click the DVR icon the Vivaldi browser pops up.  I then attempt to log in to YouTube to access my purchased video.  I type my email address in and I get this:

Couldn’t sign you in
This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more
Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can try again to sign in

It seems this Vivaldi is not supported for a Google login.  I have JMR-2022.3.9.0 installed.

Can login here fine.  

Do you have an old User Agent override set in Settings > DVR?  If so clear it.

My User Agent Override field is blank (empty)

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