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JMR recording from premium sites (Netflix/Amazon/Hulu)

I just wanted to drop a line and check the status of being able to record again from premium sites.  I tried in the most recent release of JMR and it appears it still isn't working properly.  I get the audio from the show/movie, but the video is still not present even tho the little window shows the video whilst it is playing.

Is this still a known issue that hasn't been able to be resolved yet?  Or has this functionality been restored and my systems are just unable to capture properly?

Cheers in advance,


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JMR supports recording from premium sites using the DVR capture method.  It was never clear from your previous logs why it wouldn't on your machine.

Please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063  and I can have a look again.

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