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Cant Download From Xhamsterlive.com

HI, I keep getting URL not supported error message whenever trying to download from xhamsterlive.com. This was previously working fine, but currently any stream that i try to download fails everytime. Chaturbate is working fine, just xhamsterlive.com doesnt work at all since yesterday. Have tried auto method but this always ends up with downloading alot of files that i dont want too, as i have always alot of browser tabs open and then i dont get the naming conventions as i would with stream downloader which is far more preferred and what i normally always use. Have just updated jaksta also but that hasnt helped. Tried DVR method also but it always stops the file after less than a minute or so. Would be really great to get the stream downloader working again for this site. Have attached log file. Thanks


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Im looking into if their recent changes can be supported by the monitor.

any update ? i have the same problem 

support for recent changes to xhamsterlive/stripchat is now available in the latest update. 

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