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Team training record

How can I record teams training

What is teams training?  Please provide full details and debug logs if you are having issues


Microsoft Teams where screen sharing is used to do some presentations. When I turn on the auto record nothing happens so that’s why I was asking to see if there is a way to capture

JMR is not intended for teams.  It wont capture from the app, but you can use the DVR capture method if using the teams through your browser, but teams has built-in recording features so I would use that as it is going to be better.

I am not able to use the browser method as the teams application does not run on the browser. The old version of the software would simply let you record any application screen , to bad that feature is gone

generic screen recording is built into windows 10 and 11.  No need for that feature in JMR any more.  Also Teams has builtin recording features itself.

I wasn’t aware windows had it bu default of it but thank you for lettering me know and I tried it it is not as nice as the old Jaksta screen records was very user friendly. Appreciate your help
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