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Simple screen DVR used to be available in the older versions

Is the simple screen DVR available ? Sounds like all of it protocol based capture now and no longer simply record a portion of your screen or a window on a screen ? I am. It looking for super high end recording but to simply capture live video on the screen that’s not detected by the protocol capture ?

DVR captures from the browser, in a similar manner to screen recording, but it is all done in the background so you can continue to use your complete.  It is not recording directly from the streaming protocol.

DVR works with pretty much all premium sites where direct stream-based recording is not allowed.

But this can be done ONLY on browser not an application window ? To bad the old software allowed to capture any window

Generic screen recording is built in to Windows 10 and 11.  There was no reason for me to keep developing a standalone generic screen recorder.


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