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I am trying to download the videos from gaia.com

Hi, I am trying to download the videos from gaia.comI chose STREAM DOWNLOADER as method. I place url of the video what I play in Firefox. JMR find it and starts download.
PROBLEM - video on gaia is long 1h but the JMR records only 2 min of video. Why? what to do with that? 

When I turn on Auto, I get bunch of formats of that video what are downloading simultaneously. For example 1h music in mp3 what is the background music. Than 2 min only video without audio in some resolution. than 3th video also short with other resolution... . and this kind of 4 or 5 videos what are short uncomplete and missing sound or video. 

I want to achieve one mp4 video with complete sound and video. What to do? Thank you

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You need to use the DVR capture method.

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