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Jaksta Mac pages (for Media Recorder) all currently link to Windows .exe

Hi. I'm trying to resolve an ongoing issue checked the website for the latest releases today. Unfortunately, every single Mac link I've tried on your site has prompted me to download a .exe file. Thought you might want to know! :)

Problem links include the one on this page: https://www.jaksta.com/download/mac/jaksta-media-recorder
And via this 'pop-up':


Music Recorder is offering a PKG as expected - it might just be Media Recorder that is mis-linked

Supposedly, there is no true Mac version. They offer you a Windows version, and say you have to run it in Parallels, Virtual Box, or some Windows emulator. No thanks. Applian is still offering Mac versions that are just about the same as Jaksta.

Thanks Jeff. Ah, I see. I knew they were having issue getting it to work on Mac. Regarding Applian - I wrote to Jaksta some years ago because of some confusion I had between the two companies. The response was this > Applian previously managed all sales, support and marketing for the Jaksta brand. This allowed us to concentrate on developing software. We create their software for them - Alot of their products are just the Jaksta ones rebranded as Applian. This was almost a decade ago, so I’m not sure if the situation has changed and if Applian have since developed their own separate version. Have you purchased and tried their software yet?

Yes I have. It's virtually identical. There are some Jaksta Media Recorder version 3 betas linked in these forums that might work, but the Applian versions are updated and work perfectly. I got my Mac Mini last year specifically to get away from Windows, and there's no way I'm installing a fake Windows emulator on my machine.

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Great, thanks. Yeah, I didn't have any luck with the betas at all. I was getting pretty great support from Jaksta but absolutely nothing worked - I can understand their frustration (that's not to say I  think their current policy of silence on the matter is a good route. I wish they'd been upfront with users.) 

For anyone else reading: I emailed Applian who confirmed support for Monterey but not for Ventura (ie no guarantees, but they are looking into it).

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