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100% CPU on downloads

Hi, again the problem, that by cancelling or download ending, the CPU gets stuck on "eternal" 100%

Meanwhile the normal disk usage stays at 0% (which normally goes up to 100 while muxing)

in the first debug i manually stopped downloads and after i saw the max CPU usage, killed the ffmpeg.exe from JMR Task-Manager

at the end there are 3 left over live recordings, which i ended, they used disk again (but are not monitored recordings)

i encountered this multiple times already, but never, if i only had monitors running.

in the second logs i made, its the same problem again, the downloads wont mux properly but recordings are fine

Third logs maybe most interesting, because i only download a fresh stream via URL function and after 20 seconds i stopped it manually.

CPU went up to 100% and took half a minute to cancell successfully; so it seems its doing something but not the right/useful way

Restarting JMR wont solve the problem for me and also turn off Mux in advanced settings has no effect on this process.





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You have AUTO on and are monitoring at the same time.  This is putting a huge overhead on your machine.

When AUTO is on ALL network data is sent to an internal proxy to look for media.  All the network traffic from your monitors are been feed into that.

As per the warning prompt you get DONT monitor and switch AUTO on at the same time.

For Muxing taking a long time:  https://jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/faq/muxing-is-taking-a-long-time-6000254222

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