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LJ + JMR breaks network

Hello, i have a new problem and hope you can try asap (in short try AUTO rec livejasmin with two different streams in 2 browser windows and pls see if this works for you).


With my local network i activate JMR AUTO on a machine and for a like 10 seconds from LiveJasmin and after this, the stream freezes, after a bit connection gets lost. But its lost on all my devices no matter the browser after this to Livejasmin, Livejasmin clones and also for example this LJ hosted speedtest http://speedcheck.dditservices.com/

the LJ support gave me the link.

This started yesterday and after a few hours it worked again so i tried again – and instantly happened again. Following a few more hours where i could not connect.

Also chatted 1 hour with LJ support since i did not expect JMR as network wide cause.

The basically only told me to restart router – i did, also restarted devices and reconnected to network.

I have 2 home networks to choose from, one is my main. Started LJ and JMR AUTO and after this freeze, i cannot connect further to livejasmin (and related sites/ domains).

Then i get on every device/browser the connection error message:


Saying answer has taken too long and Website not reachable.

Yesterday evening i could record again one livestream for like 10 minutes, but the moment i started another one as new window the connection got lost so i suspect its JMR and 2 or more connections at the same time.

VPN connects work and the other network works to connect to LiveJasmin still but as soon as i turn on JMR AUTO on for example the other home network, its the same error on all devices trying to connect to LJ afterwards. so it definitely has to do with JMR but maybe its only my machines (all of them)?

Update to better identify the error:

It occurs as soon as i open another tab/window from a broswer

multiple streams on multiple with one stream per different browser.exe works

Update 2:

Im not sure anymore if JMR is the problem, i recorded on one machine and opened for test 2 tabs on my main machine, where i use JMR for monitoring without AUTO; (probabably this action) broke the connection on the machine within same local network, that was on AUTO recording for LiveJasmin.

I really dont know. The LJ support told me they dont know, there is no help possible and maybe its local network error - in this case i have no idea what it is.

Maybe it has to do with JMR maybe not; i tested alot today; after restarting the router LJ works normal again until i open mutliple tabs within one browser which I'd normally do.

P.S.: Sorry for all the posts lately, dont want to waste time; its just i get alot of different seeming problems of which i dont know how to tackle and the knowledge, that i did change nothing and before it worked better/fine.

*Update 3 (i am testing alot possibilities today): 

i think its not 2 tabs but machines connecting at the same time now. also router reset is not mandatory; i just let some time pass like 1 hour and now i could reconnect again, opened many tabs for testing nothing happened, but as soon as i opened on another machine i got no further response from livejasmin on all devices within same network :(

SORRY- Afaik its not JMR; i just thought it would be the problem because i had many different related problems lately. I tried again with another Router Reset and the JMR was not started on any device still got the described disconnection error.

If you or someone else tech-heavy still got ideas after reading this - they are appreciated! Thanks for your time!

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