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Stripchat not recording

Anyone else having issues with stripchat streams? 

All streams will throw this error: "Url is not supported. Please try the AUTO or Digital Video Recorder capture method." 

It was working a few days ago. Maybe they changed their streaming method?

No one else? Only me?

yes same for me with xhamsterlive.com, stopped working a day or so ago. i dont get any error as such, just it fails every time using stream downloader. was working fine before this for quite some time, seems yes they might have changed something. hoping it can get fixed soon also. thanks

Actually, same for me. My monitored streams just don't record, no error. But when I manually paste the URL to try manually downloading a stream, I get that message. Seems to try using some mobile connection and then finally fails with that error.

same here stripchat and xhamsterlive not working

Yes, neither Stripchat or Xhamsterlive monitors will record.

Anybody find a fix to this? I am having the same issue and no fixes on google.

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