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Mac support?

My mac Jaksta media recorder appears to be corrupted or doesn't work anymore after my latest system update.

I try to re-download the application and I only get files with an .exe (windows) extension. Whatever I try and whatever link I try always gives the same result.

When I open the file I get files and folders with Chinese characters.

What is happening here.


Welcome to the club. Jaksta's support is a JOKE

Jaksta appears not to care about us Mac users. If it cared it would reply to our questions to give us some idea of what is going on.

Well Merle, it looks like you hit the bullseye. I am patient, if they only updated their activity. I don't care if it's good or bad (good is better of cours) but it's just that we get updated about how they tackle the problems.

I'm already waiting for months

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