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Downloading from YouTube no longer works!

I get "URL not supported"

Using latest version of Jaksta

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same here on latest version and on the older 7 version which was just fine until yesterday for many scheduled YT live stream recordings.

Support please fix it. other command line driven tools work just fine. they must have banned the jaksta client requests.

@Matt, Thanks for your response. I have tried 2 different computers with the same result.

Live streams from YouTube have stopped downloading here, too - "No stream detected".

Troubleshooting my internet connection (even tho it was still up 'n running and YouTube live streams still playing fine) resulted in "The configured proxy server is not responding".


Downloading from YouTube is not working for me either. Was working fine a few days ago.

Unrelated but it also seems like attempting to download Paramount+ content with the stream downloader no longer works either. It also throws the "URL is not supported" error. I was able to download shows successfully until about a week ago.

Recent changes to youtube are supported in the latest extraction engine update.


Has there been an update of the extraction engine the last few days to fix this ?
Where do you download this and how do you install it on an  existing installation ?

It downloads and installs when you start JMR, if you have auto updates on.  Get Support > Check for new version on start.

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It now works as it should.

So you're not a Mon-Fri-only operation after all :p

Thank you, CRS!

CRS, how can I update JMR 7's extraction engine manually? I am running both the new and 7 version on my deskstop. I am not happy with the new version removing the virtual audiocard driver which is very useful?

You cant.  JMR7 is very old now and there is digital audio recording in the latest version.

the splitting of YT recordings e.g. at every full hour does not work anymore for me.

it just ends on the hour or did already after 30-40m after start. same channel's live stream I used to record all day long making 1h chunks. same PC, same stable internet connection.



I have used those above settings 100% identical in jaksta 7 for years.

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