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Delete Confirmation Sound Effect

When deleting a file the confirmation popup uses the annoying and loud system sound effect and the setting to disable sound effects does nothing to supress this.  It is so bad that other people in my house have asked me what that sound is, yet didn't hear any other sounds from me watching the videos I recorded.

Either revisit your decision to let us bypass the confirmation (my preferred option, the trash exists for a reason) or find a way to disable that sound effect PLEASE!

That is a windows sound effect for an "exclamation" dialog.  Turn it off in your system sounds.  

When the OS uses it I want it, it means something important happened that I need to pay attention to.  This app should NOT be using that.

I have to listen to that sound over and over again when I'm going through the streams.  It's not an important dialog, I wish it didn't exist to begin with.  It just further insults me for having to deal with the popup and I end up trying to delete in batches just to avoid the sound.

Sound affects for prompts are controlled by windows.    The prompt is a windows exclamation prompt.   You have control of it through the windows sound settings.

The dialog is there for a reason.  I have been doing this along, long time and many many people over the years have accidently delete long recordings when there was no prompt and they have cried much harder than you are right now.  

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