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JMR 2022 - Repeatedly crashing soon after starting up

All downloads are from YouTube live streams.

The first time, it was out of the blue after working fine for many hours.

Since then it's been crashing after downloading for less than a minute.

I have rebooted the Windows10 laptop, JMR still crashing.

Debug log attached, snap attached.

OMG it's FRIDAY!  I do hope you are on duty.


I cannot see that the files have uploaded - I definitely attached them.  Trying again, just the debug log.



I let JMR have a rest, then turned off "monitor on start" and entered a YouTube live stream URL manually and it didn't crash... So I switched the monitoring back on and the streams have been downloading for 12+ minutes, no crashes.

Perhaps you could let me know if there's anything to be learned from the bug report?

Many thanks.


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